Professional Services

Technical Services

Let ES&S take care your technical needs, so you can focus on other tasks. ES&S experts can assist with any technical service. We do it all from from basic computing support to advanced system and WAN installations.

  • Create election or jurisdiction database
  • Design and layout ballots
  • Program tabulation equipment
  • Support pre-election and logic and accuracy testing
  • Install software, systems, and networks
  • Harden network and security
  • Back up and store data
  • Service post-elections needs, such as recounts and audits
Project Management

ES&S requires that our project managers are Certified Project Management professionals. We ensure a smooth transition with beginning-to-end guidance. Whether you are refreshing the protocol on your current system or implementing a new hardware and software, we can help.

  • Project planning
  • System integration management
  • Activity and task scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Deliverable tracking
  • Resources allocation
  • Knowledge transfer and training
  • Project and activity reporting
  • Contingency planning

Our consultants leverage election experiences from each customer to build their vast knowledge. With more than 4,000 years of experience shared among ES&S associates, it’s no wonder we’re the experts. Through consulting services, customers receive an in-depth review, proven advice, and a unique experience tailored to your circumstances resulting in process improvements for Election Day and post-election day. Avoid “reinventing the wheel” -- let ES&S’ consultants help.

  • Election process: improve pre-election, Election Day, and post-election process
  • Technical: integrate networks and systems
  • Warehouse: improve workflow, maintenance and storage
  • Election "best-practices" consulting: implement industry-developed highest standards
  • ADA: ensure compliance with the Americans with Disability Act
  • Custom Documentation: assist and develop customized documentation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)