Election Support

As today’s elections become more complex, ES&S is there to support you.

We are your “extra set of hands” in preparation, execution, and Election Day. Using ES&S Site Support services ensures you have easy access to critical information and knowledgeable assistance when it comes to operating your voting hardware and software.

With our trained personnel on the ground supporting your ES&S voting system, you can focus on other Election Day priorities and keep your election running smoothly.

On-site Election Support

ES&S acts on progressive ideas to create simple, more valuable and trusted experiences on Election Day. With on-site support, you have a dedicated point of contact at your election headquarters with immediate answers to questions and the ability able to provide guidance to any and all election staff. We deliver experiences that customers find truly valuable, giving them the ability to achieve results that count.

  • Guidance on vote tabulator open, close, and operations
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Call center support
  • Polling place field support
  • Assistance with vote accumulation software

Developing secure and reliable voting products and services is what ES&S does best. Partner with ES&S to give you the confidence to do what you do best — elections.

Logic and Accuracy Testing

Prior to Election Day, you need to make sure your machines are ready to use. Our specialists perform analyses to ensure the coding is logical. Additional testing is done to ensure the accuracy of the tabulators.  

On-site Post-election Support

You’ve worked hard to make your Election Day a success. Finish the job right by working with ES&S for your post-election needs.