All of the Advantages, None of the Hassles

ElectNOW™ offers a unique option for cities, unions, schools, public law, utility districts, businesses and many other organizations to administer their elections from start to finish.

Traditional state and county level elections require large, upfront capital expenditures for voting equipment followed with on-going regular investments in support services. The versatile ElectNOW™ solution provides a complete election package without these upfront costs and maintenance fees.

At ES&S, customization is standard, so our rental programs are completely scalable to fit your needs. Designing a rental program specifically for you is what we do best.

Why use ElectNOW™ Rental Equipment?
  • Elections run smoothly with the most up-to-date hardware
  • Voting systems are federal and state certified
  • Support services are provided by ES&S
  • Maintain autonomy by removing dependency on county-owned equipment
  • Achieve peace of mind knowing that your equipment is available with backup if needed
  • Easy-to-understand rental invoices
  • No upfront investment and no annual maintenance fees