Global Election Management System 

GEMS™  is a Microsoft Windows®-based election management and tabulation software.  It allows election administrators to easily and completely control every step of the election process, from ballot layout to election reporting, all in one proven application.

GEMS automates the complete election cycle from precinct/district setup, to race definition, tabulation and reporting. One-step ballot layout for electronic and paper ballots. Double ballot layout eliminated—an industry exclusive! The multilingual capabilities support numerous languages in both standard and ADA modes. Eleven languages already used in actual elections. 

Fast, Accurate, User-Friendly Ballot Layouts

Simplifies the cumbersome task of defining ballot styles and layouts: Using straight-forward menus and prompts, specific election parameters are presented and defined in an orderly manner. Automation then takes over to generate ballot layouts and styles. Simple point-and-click procedures. Preview any and every ballot right on the screen.

Flexible and Intuitive Reporting

Fast and customizable: GEMS’ standard Internet and reporting capabilities allow election administrators to quickly report results and to customize reports for specific needs. The most extensive and flexible report templates in the industry – there are dozens of standard reports to assist with proofing election databases and confirming ballot styles. GEMS allows interfacing to existing voter registration systems through sophisticated import/export features. Data entry tasks are reduced or eliminated. Internet results reporting: GEMS can also provide election results to the Internet in HTML, text, PDF and Java (applet) formats.

GEMS Integrates
  • Election data entry
  • Interfaces to voter registration
  • Ballot layout
  • Accumulation and reporting of results
  • Audio recording for visually impaired voting
Key Features