Election Management System

Electionware is designed to accommodate the latest election trends, including early and overseas voting, ADA compliance, ballot adjudication, and Election Night reporting. Use Electionware to create an election information database, format ballots, program voting and ballot scanning equipment, count ballots,  review ballot images, and report results. This agile election management system is the result of our nearly 40 years of election product research and development.

Key Features

Simultaneous Multiuser access

Multi-user Electionware functionality enables large jurisdictions to use authorized election personnel on a closed-network system simultaneously creating precinct media flash drives and entering information for the ES&S equipment and Electionware. Additionally, the multi-user functionality in Electionware allows multiple teams of election officials to work simultaneously on different elections.

Data Security

Electionware incorporates the latest in election security, including built-in audit controls, encrypted election data, and access level user credentials designed to keep election data safe and secure. Electionware is fully compliant with EAC guidelines for usability, accessibility and security requirements. The Equipment Security feature creates security codes that control access to voting equipment. All election media USB flash drives contain encryption specific to the current election and equipment type.


Electionware manages nearly 10,000 ballot styles and precincts; supports myriad languages; manages and deploys multiple levels of security. One database for multiple equipment types provides election-wide uniformity and compliance, as well as less room
for human error.

Election Intelligence

  • Timely election data inquiries and reports
  • Workflow management and error alerts
  • Enforced data accuracy
  • User customization
  • Tracking of election media
  • Live status indicators for incoming results