ExpressPoll® Electronic Pollbook

The future of electronic pollbook technology fits in your hands

The ExpressPoll system gives election poll workers a simple-to-operate voter check-in device that slashes waiting time for voters, increases the accuracy of voters’ personal information, and improves the Election Day experience for voters and poll workers alike. Our popular electronic pollbook software, EZRoster, runs on affordable touch-screen tablets. This provides an intuitive, easy-to-understand user interface similar to the digital devices used every day. The ExpressPoll also can be integrated with multiple tabulation devices to provide a complete voter check-in solution and ensure the correct ballot style is issued.

Key Features

Redundant Data Storage

The ExpressPoll tablet offers “redundant” internal data storage, ensuring that voter validation information can be retrieved after each election. Data is stored in solid-state internal memory and on a microSD card installed in the tablet. If one of these storage areas experience any issues, data can easily be retrieved from the other data storage location.

Faster Voter History Uploads

After every election, voter history is uploaded directly from the ExpressPoll unit, dramatically reducing upload times and enabling faster updates to the voter registration system.

Works with ExpressPoll-5000

Are you a current ExpressPoll-5000 customer? Our ExpressPoll tablets can be seamlessly added to your existing system. Both solutions use the same EZRoster software, database and resource file to provide the same user experience.

Robust Software and Connectivity

  • Helps reduce provisional voting by providing up-to-date absentee status or directions to correct polling location
  • Displays on-screen instructions, giving poll workers information and the confidence to serve all voters
  • Supports same-day registration
  • Connects wirelessly using secure connection options in polling places to sync across all pollbooks
  • Safeguards including password protection and secure system controls ensure only those with specific permissions are allowed access

Fully Integrated Solution

  • Communicates seamlessly with our data conversion software
  • Shares real-time data with our CentralPoint® web application, enabling election administrators to manage poll locations easier and more efficiently
  • Integrates with ExpressVote®, iVotronic®, Balotar®, AccuVote-TS® and AccuVote-TSX® voting systems for a powerful election management system