We Support Elections 

As the world’s largest elections-only company, Election Systems & Software has provided election equipment, software and services that are used by U.S. municipalities and counties to help run fair and accurate elections for nearly 40 years.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard, knowing that our products and services help maintain democracy in the jurisdictions we service. With ever-evolving technology and systems, designed to fit multiple voter and election law needs, we work to ensure accurate and fair elections for all citizens, an incredible responsibility that we take seriously.

Our Core Mission

Maintaining voter confidence and enhancing the voting experience

From Our Blog
  • Why Are the Interns Smiling?

    Why Are the Interns Smiling?

    We interviewed three former ES&S summer interns to find out what makes an ES&S internship so darn great.

  • Go BIG and Go Vote!

    Go BIG and Go Vote!

    Here at ES&S, our emphasis continues to be building products that will not only advance the market, but deliver on the highest security standards. It is with great pride that we announce the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has federally certified the new ES&S EVS 6000. This suite of products provides a new hybrid voting option that ensures the voter’s intent is accurately captured while providing a paper ballot. Learn more here...

  • It's a Parking Lot Party!

    It's a Parking Lot Party!

    On June 8, ES&S associates in Omaha hit the lot for an afternoon of barbecue, bouncing and balloons.

  • Large and Small - Auditable and Secure Elections for Them All!

    Large and Small - Auditable and Secure Elections for Them All! 

    Leading election officials from Texas to North Carolina and Utah to Maine made the decision to partner with us to be their trusted elections provider.