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Colorado Secretary of State Approves ES&S Pilot

Secretary of State Williams selects ES&S as a participant in a pilot program that will explore Colorado adopting a uniform voting system statewide. 

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Monongalia First In Nation To Have Every Voter Use The ExpressVote To Make Selections

Election Systems & Software (ES&S) hit two milestones on July 2 thanks to a unanimous decision by the Monongalia County Commission. 

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Lincoln County Invests In ES&S Electronic Pollbooks, Saving Taxpayer Money In The Process

Lincoln County in Mississippi will experience improved check-in on Election Day and better voter data management with the ES&S ExpressPoll. 

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expresspoll toshiba tablet

ES&S Announces Product Collaboration with Microsoft and Intel

The ES&S ExpressPoll will now be available on easy-to-use Toshiba tablets, making it the most compelling pollbook solution offered on the market today.

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expresspass solution

New ExpressPass Technology from ES&S Allows Voters to Mark Ballots from Home

Now voters can review sample ballots and pre-mark their selections from anywhere with a internet accessible device.

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absentee voting

ES&S Helps Clients with Increased Popularity of Early Voting

Just how popular has the convenience of voting early become? And what are the options for jurisdictions wanting to offer voters the chance to cast their ballot pre-Election Day?

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