February 27, 2017

ES&S Receives Federal Approval for a NEW Voting Tabulator

ES&S brings to market a perfect voting solution to replace the nation's aging voting systems with proven touchscreen technology that has an automatic paper audit for every ballot.


OMAHA, Neb. – With the ExpressVote® Universal Voting System, ES&S set forth the goal of leveling the playing field for all, creating an equal Election Day experience for every voter. ES&S is proud to announce the Election Assistance Commission’s full approval of our most recent voting suite EVS 5400, which certifies the ExpressVote as a tabulator. Jurisdictions can now offer voters a next level tabulation system with all the benefits of touchscreen voting while maintaining paper records and providing a one stop shop on Election Day. 


The new tabulator mode allows voters to make all of their selections using the ExpressVote’s easy to read touchscreen. It can be configured to either return marked vote summary cards to the voter for manual review before re-inserting into the unit for tabulation or allow the voter to automatically cast their vote hands-free, after on-screen review with AutoCast®. Fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the ExpressVote can be used by every voter, regardless of abilities. 


For election officials and poll workers, The ExpressVote as a tabulator features robust options for effective election administration: 

•    Easy deployment with the ExpressVote rolling kiosk that can include an integrated report printer and QR code scanner allowing poll workers to easily set-up, maneuver and store the unit. No assembly is required! 
•    Simple, powerful configuration options driven by ES&S’ Electionware® election management system.     
•    Secure, portable card container that accepts voter’s summary cards and can be locked and sealed for easy transport back to election central. 

“Building on the tremendously successful ExpressVote as a marker, the ExpressVote unit’s added tabulator mode eliminates the need for an additional precinct scanner. It was also critical that the unit maintained all the security, auditability and confidence of digital scanning and paper records,” stated Adam Carbullido, Senior Vice President, Product Development for ES&S. “Providing the benefits DRE customers have enjoyed with no pre-printed ballots and quick programming and reprogramming, the ExpressVote can fulfill any jurisdiction’s marking and tabulation needs all in one unit.”


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To request a demo of the ExpressVote as a tabulator please contact us.