February 17, 2017

Life In The Fast Lane

Many headlines dominated the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle. From cyber security to data crunching, one common theme was the role of technology in the elections process. There is one area of election administration that has improved, yet received little fanfare. That advance is directly tied to technological advances in voter education and poll place line management; thanks in part to a report published by the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) after the long lines that marked the 2012 Presidential Election.  
In our new white paper “Life in the Fast Lane: How Technology Can Improve The Election Day Voter Experience” we explore the recommendations from the PCEA and how current technology is allowing jurisdictions to provide online sample ballots, create more informed voters and cut down on Election Day poll place lines while expediting the in-person voting process.
Ready to improve your voters’ Election Day experience? Click the cover page below to access our white paper featured at this year’s Winter NASS conference.