October 25, 2016

Celebrating Democracy's Heroes

ES&S knows that voters require confidence in the elections process.  The nation’s thousands of election officials and workers across the country are the backbone of the elections process working tirelessly to ensure that elections are conducted in a fair and accurate manner. These individuals are on the front lines every election season, ensuring every vote counts and results are reported timely. They are the true heroes of the election process.

As we gear up for the finish of this year’s Presidential Election Cycle, ES&S wanted to celebrate each of these individuals for their dedication to democracy; and so our “Election Worker Tribute” video was born. Containing footage from various Primary elections around the U.S. during 2016, it gives kudos to the dedication exhibited by the literally thousands of individuals responsible for each state’s elections.

Below you can find the Tribute Video, please join us in celebrating these hard working individuals. When you cast your ballot this election season, rest assured that your vote counts.