August 05, 2015

2015 Chairman's Award Winner - Gene Seets

Every year our Chairman, Aldo Tesi, awards one ES&S associate our highest honor - the Chairman's Award for Leadership. This award recognizes individuals for outstanding leadership and exemplary performance.

This year's recipient, Gene Seets, Vice President of Regional Sales, has been a member of ES&S for over 22 years. Gene exemplifies our Live Above The Line Culture and is a great role model and asset for our Sales team, producing significant results in the Florida, Michigan and New York markets. The fourth recipient of the Chairman's Award, Gene is the gold standard for sales management and building trusted customer relationships.

Please join us in congratulating Gene on this prestigious award and read our Chairman's announcement letter below.


Dear Customers,

I am pleased to announce that Gene Seets was recognized August 6 with the 2015 Chairman’s Award. This award is the highest recognition award given at ES&S for outstanding leadership and exemplary performance. It recognizes individuals that are role models on our core values, have broad influence on our overall success, are valued across multiple areas within the company and have the ability to deliver future contributions. Gene Seets clearly deserves this award and has earned it with his outstanding contributions over his 22 years at ES&S.

Gene exemplifies the true spirit of success within our company and sets a strong example for everyone at ES&S. His talents and passion for sales are a real difference maker in his ability to deliver positive results in the competitive election industry market. As a true sales professional, Gene has established the trust and respect within the election industry, with our customers and within our company. He is a leader not only to the team he manages but to all of us at ES&S.

Gene is the fourth recipient of the Chairman’s Award. Just like the previous award recipients, Gene lives our Live Above the Line culture taking ownership and accountability to higher levels. He demonstrates the leadership and performance qualities we all admire. He is a gifted, accomplished and skilled sales professional that has gained our respect with his knowledge, experience and caring attitude. He has produced significant results with many important sales wins throughout Florida, Michigan and New York. He sets the gold standard for his management of sales and for his trusted relationships with our customers.

ES&S is fortunate to have so many talented and capable individuals making a positive difference. Gene Seets is a shining example for all of us.

Please join me with a big congratulations to Gene!

Aldo Tesi | Chairman of the Board | Election Systems & Software