June 18, 2014

2014 Chairman's Award for Leadership Winner

Dear Customers,

Paul Anderson and Aldo TesiI am pleased to announce that Paul Anderson was recognized yesterday with the 2014 Chairman’s Award.  This award is the highest recognition award given at ES&S. It recognizes individuals that are role models on our core values, have had broad influence on ES&S success, are a valued contributor across multiple areas and levels within ES&S, have demonstrated excellent sustained performance and have the ability to deliver future contributions. Paul Anderson clearly deserves this award and has earned it with outstanding contributions over his 15 years at ES&S.

Paul exemplifies the true spirit of service within our company and sets an example for everyone at ES&S. His passion and knowledge are real difference makers  within ES&S in his role of leading our pricing strategies and department.  As a true pricing professional, Paul has established the trust and respect at all level within ES&S. He is a leader not only to the team he manages but to all of us at ES&S.

Paul is the third recipient of the Chairman’s Award after Jim Schmidt and Linda Bennett. Just like Jim and Linda, Paul lives our Live Above the Line culture taking ownership and accountability to higher levels.  He demonstrates the leadership qualities we all admire. His positive impact to our sales team success and our company’s profitability has been significant. He is extremely proficient, competent, attentive and responsive in his role at ES&S.  

ES&S is fortunate to have so many talented and capable people making a positive difference. Paul Anderson is a shining example for all of us.

Please join me with a big congratulation to Paul!

Aldo Tesi
Chairman and CEO