October 09, 2017

Bay County MI Experiences Flawless Election with ES&S

One word, “flawless!” That is the feedback we received from the pioneering election officials in Bay County Michigan who launched a successful election on August 8 with the help of the ES&S team, and their newly acquired voting technology, the ES&S ExpressVote® Universal Voting System and the proven DS200® in-precinct paper ballot scanner.

“We had a wonderful experience with the ES&S team and our new equipment,” said Cindy Luczak, Bay County Clerk and Michigan Association of County Clerks President. “From training to implementation and throughout Election Day, everything went off without a hitch. To top it all off, precinct results were in by 8:04 p.m.”

The ExpressVote Universal Voting System utilizes touch-screen technology that produces a voter-verifiable paper record for tabulation. The system handles the entire marking process, eliminating marginal marks and the need for voter mark interpretation.

“We received comments from our voters about their appreciation for how quick the voting process went using the ExpressVote touch screen,” said Luczak. “Our poll workers loved how lightweight the DS200 is, and commented on its ease of use and efficiency.”

The DS200 is a precinct-based scanner and vote tabulator equipped with the latest in ES&S’ patented technology. Fully certified and compliant with EAC guidelines, the DS200 enhances the voting experience for voters and election officials alike.

“I cannot say enough about the thorough training and unparalleled customer service we continue to receive from the ES&S team,” said Luczak.  “Everything was so well organized, and ES&S sent Support Staff to every precinct to answer questions and assist when needed, but guess what — we didn’t need any assistance!”

Bay County experienced a significant cost decrease thanks to the ExpressVote eliminating the need for pre-printed paper ballots. Voters activate their vote session, make their selections and receive a paper record to cast. This process consumes 70 percent less paper than traditional ballots.

“We are very proud of our successful decade-plus partnership with Bay County and pleased that we were able to help transition them to a new voting system. It is ES&S’ mission to provide valuable, trusted and proven election equipment and services to our election administration partners,” said Jim Schmidt, ES&S Senior Vice President of Operations.