Featured Products


High-Throughput Scanner & Tabulator

Achieve faster sorts without stopping for each blank ballot with the DS450.  It scans and sorts 14-inch double-sided ballots at 75 per minute into three output trays. System integrity and electronic audits make the DS450 the most dependable mid-sized central vote scanner and vote tabulator on the market. The mid-range scanner utilizes our patented IMR™ and PTRAC™ technology, increasing the accuracy of tabulation.




Universal Voting System 

ExpressVote is a Universal Voting System that combines paper-based voting with touch screen technology to create a breakthrough in voting solutions for early vote centers and on Election Day in precincts or in vote centers.


Precinct Scanner & Tabulator 

DS200 precinct vote scanner and vote tabulator combines the best attributes of a paper-based ballot system with the flexibility and efficiency of the latest digital-image technology – taking traditional optical-scan ballot vote tabulation to a new level.


Poll Management Software

CentralPoint, our web-based application, compiles data from ES&S Electronic Pollbooks to display and track poll place activities in real-time, allowing Election Administrators to monitor polling locations and mitigate issues before they become problems.