Executive Biographies

Kevin Kerrigan

Vice President of Election Operations

Kevin Kerrigan, Vice President of Election Operations joined ES&S in 2006. Previously involved with international certification, ballot management and customer service, each of Mr. Kerrigan’s current departments are responsible for election event based services including programming, pollbook, Ballot On Demand systems, technical support and ballot printing. 

Previously with Transmid America, acquiring permits for goods transportation from the State Department, Kevin joined ES&S during a certification event for the German market. Since then Kevin has led teams responsible for providing onsite services for ES&S customers, technical processes like ballot layout and audio services and Vote By Mail absentee mail packet services.

Mr. Kerrigan attended Hastings College in Nebraska, earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and German. Kevin also completed UC Berkeley’s “Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives” program.


*Kevin is a “S.E.A.L.” graduate, ES&S’ in-house leadership training program.